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Minnesota Community Education is Here for You!

Community Education

is Here for You.
offers impactful learning.
provides a place to belong.
builds partnerships.
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Learning is not limited to what only happens during the school day; nor is it an experience reserved for K-12 students.

Learning can happen anytime, anywhere, to anyone.

This is the core principle of Community Education, providing learning experiences for all ages, from the very young to older adults. No matter your age, Community Education is Here for You! 

We're Here for You!

The Minnesota Community Education Association (MCEA) is the professional resource for educators serving lifelong learners of all ages across the state. Every Minnesotan has access to quality community education programs that provide impactful learning opportunities to help you grow personally while connecting you with your local community. 

Become an Advocate

Get involved at the local and state levels to to rally for support of community education programs and services.

Become a Champion

Learn more and help spread the word to your friends, families and neighbors about the amazing experiences available through community education.

Experience the Impact

Read stories of how community education has impacted the lives of fellow Minnesotans.
Read about impactful community education programming stories from across Minnesota.
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