Minnesota Community Education Association

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Leadership & Governance

Leading lifelong learning throughout Minnesota

Board of Directors

MCEA’s 16-member board of directors includes:

  • Five officers (president, president-elect, past president, treasurer and secretary)
  • Nine regional representatives
  • Two at-large positions representing districts with populations less than 5,000, and those of more than 5,000

To learn more about serving on the MCEA Board of Directors, contact MCEA Executive Director Matt Dickhausen at mdickhausen@mn-mcea.org or 320-455-2407. 


To encourage wide involvement of members and advance the mission of the organization, MCEA has eight volunteer committees. Each committee has an identified charge and meets regularly throughout the year. Committee chairs oversee the work of the committees and provide updates and recommendations to the Board of Directors. This committee structure helps distribute the work of the organization while holding true to the focus of MCEA as a statewide organization reflective of the talents and skills of its members.  

MCEA Regions

To ensure representation from all of Minnesota, MCEA divides the state’s school districts up into nine regions. Each region has an elected representative who serves as a liaison between the region and the MCEA Board of Directors.

Our Strategic Plan

Every year, the MCEA Board of Directors renews its guiding principles and establishes an annual vision plan.  

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