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Targeted Services

Additional and essential support for K-8 students

Targeted Services is a state-funded, by-invitation-only program that offers additional learning opportunities to academically targeted K-8 students. Students are invited if they would benefit from the program and are able to be independent, safe and successful within the program.

Targeted services programs are purposefully designed to build academic skills, as well as to help students develop better organizational and social/emotional skills. Targeted services programs are taught by highly-qualified teachers.

Students qualify based upon informal and formal district assessment measures such as NWEA MAP, MCA, DRA, and district reading and math benchmarks. Students are selected for participation because they have demonstrated academic performance below grade-level expectations, are at-risk for failing to meet the state’s academic content standards, or have social challenges that may put them at-risk of not being successful in school.

The identification of students who could benefit from a targeted service program can be referred to by: classroom teachers, support teachers, counselors, or other school personnel.

Every student enrolled in a targeted services program must have a continuous learning plan (CLP). The CLP is required by the Minnesota Statutes, section 124D.128, Subdivision 3. It is a communication tool to show why the student was recommended and to involve/inform the parents about the process. A parent/guardian must sign the registration form for the extended day/year program, as well as their child’s CLP.


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