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Adult Enrichment

Community Education is tied to the concept of the “lighted schoolhouse” that is based on the need to have school buildings provide services beyond the school day. Through Adult Enrichment, anyone can have a chance to be a lifelong learner!

Professional Network

ACE (Adult Community Educators) is the networking committee of those involved with Adult Enrichment. Please contact Michelle Hubbard to be added to the groups email list.

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Adulthood is a time that can feel stressful but through participation in classes based on interests, hobbies, or life skills, anyone can find a connection to others, to learning, and to themselves.

Types of Classes Offered

Non-credit programs were developed which would provide opportunities for adults to gain new skills and knowledge while building strong connections and empowering the community. Common categories of classes include:


Arts & Crafts

Discover New Things

Hobbies & Languages

Eat Well

Food & Nutrition

Feel the Beat

Music & Dance

Feel Great

Health & Wellness

Get Tech Smart

Computers & Digital Technology

Grow Your Garden

Plants & Vegetables

Manage Your Money


Move Your Body


Renew Your Home

Real Estate and Renovations

Times of Classes/Events

Classes are typically offered in the evenings with some daytime offerings as well. They often are single session opportunities, although some topics lend themselves to multiple sessions. Weekend events are occasionally scheduled for topics needing a full day of content or that offer a mix of classes all in one day.


Special Events

Offering larger special events for adults or a broader audience of families is common as well. Whether it’s partnering with other coordinators to offer a Daddy Daughter Dance, a free pork chop community dinner, a TEDx event, or a district wellness challenge; the sky’s the limit for creative ways to offer programming that meets community needs. Adult Enrichment coordinators are urged to stay relevant by engaging with new populations in their communities, inviting participants to focus groups, looking for fresh ways to package or deliver content, build partnerships with local businesses and organizations, and make a space for those with new ideas to share. Seeking innovative ways to bring education to the community is a key to successful programming.

Instructor Qualifications

Unlike traditional educational programs, Adult Enrichment instructors do not need a teaching license nor specific background to be hired. The beauty of this approach is that it makes the program accessible to people who might never have the opportunity to teach. Instructors are sought out for their expertise, years of experience, and desire to teach what they are passionate about. Local people give the gift of their knowledge and expertise to neighbors in their community. Coordinators are free to hire others in nearby communities, across the state, or even national experts to add to their lineup.


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