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Community education reaches far beyond neighborhood boundaries.

Due to the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine, a refugee family fled the country and was housed with a community member. Transitioning into a new country brings a multitude of unknowns including enrolling your 4-year-old son into preschool.

Hastings Public Schools added the child to the full-day preschool class. Thanks to the community education scholarship program, their son was able to attend at no cost and the family was able to be flexible on attendance. Together, the family and the program worked through the language barrier and found unique ways to welcome the family into the program and ultimately into the community.

Prior to joining the preschool program, their son had not seen or played with other children. The family has consistently shared their gratitude for all that has been provided through our community education program. Their son is thriving at school and enjoys spending time with his classmates. This experience has not only benefited this family and our program, it has also provided our students with an example of the true meaning of community and the value of education for all. Most importantly, this family has received exactly what they needed at the time they needed it the most.

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