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Become a Member

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Vision 2023

In December of each year, the MCEA Board, along with Committee Chairs, meet as a group to determine the upcoming year’s goals for the Association. The following are the 2023 goals:

GOAL 1: Strengthen the connection and engagement of our members.

  • Learn & understand member needs (needs assessment/listening sessions, etc.)
  • Focus on School Age Care
  • Offer accessible and innovative opportunities to engage, learn, and connect our members to learning and growth opportunities.
  • Professional warehouse and training support. ¬† Develop resources for member districts to train and support their staff.
  • Workforce development and sharing our Community Education story.

GOAL 2: Create a sustainability and growth plan for MCEA.

  • Create sustainable partnership with other professional organizations and higher education institutions.
  • Continue our legislative advocacy.
  • Create sustaining ways for members to engage in MCEA- volunteer, present, committee participation, etc.