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A Message from our President

Resilience is defined as the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties.  So many of our MCEA members are hoping for resilience in their planning for the 2021 year.  I would offer that as a field, an association, and as professionals, we’ve been resilient all along.  Our ability to continue supporting our communities through the uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic is only matched by the perseverance and dedication our field has shown since the start of Community Education in Minnesota in 1971.  We have, as Community Educators, always responded to the needs, great or small, within our communities, and 2020 was no exception.

Not only did our community educators rally within our communities and districts, but came together as a field to support our colleagues and partners for the good of our Minnesota residents.

I am honored to serve as the Minnesota Community Education President in 2021.  I’ve been humbled by the collaboration, support, and leadership provided by our MCEA members in the past year and I’m inspired to lead our association into 2021 with the same passion and dedication.  Our MCEA Board is committed to the support and service to our member districts and educators and is hard at work as we move into the year with our board goals.

Our first goal is to continue to support our communities – and each other –  during the COVID-19 Pandemic.  Our goal is written as; Provide continued support for the recovery and growth of the Minnesota Community Education field.  Through continued support from the MCEA COVID-19 Task Force, resources, and professional development we strive to be responsive and timely with the relevant support to our association members.

Goal two speaks to the continued advocacy and awareness of our ‘That’s Community Ed’ campaign.  The MCEA Board will Implement Minnesota Community Education Association statewide marketing and advocacy campaigns.  These efforts will expand to advocacy with Legislative and state-wide leaders as well as continued resources within our local communities to advocate and promote what Community Education programs bring to our Minnesota communities.

Our third goal this year is to finalize a two-year goal related to the future infrastructure of the association. In 2021 the MCEA Board will finalize, approve and communicate the operation and infrastructure transition plan for MCEA.  The results of this goal will position MCEA to move into the future as we meet our mission statement:

“MCEA provides the leadership, resources, and support services needed to develop and sustain leading-edge Community Education programs and services.”

Goal four sets a focus on our support for the growth and evolution of the Community Education field: MCEA will; Expand and enhance professional development and member engagement opportunities.  We’ve learned a lot in the last year and we’re excited to use many of the changes used to adapt to the limitations during the pandemic to continue our support and growth resources as we engage our members.

The MCEA Board is excited for the growth and opportunities ahead of Minnesota Community Educators as we move into the 2021 year and beyond.  On behalf of the board, I want to say ‘thank you’ to our members for your engagement, support, and resilience as we continue our work serving the lifelong learners of Minnesota.

Cory Franson, MCEA President
Elk River Area Community Education Director