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Here for You Stories

In our efforts to share the amazing stories of community education’s impact around the state of Minnesota, MCEA has a new marketing campaign. The “Here for You” campaign will capture the individual testimonials of community education participants across the spectrum of programs and services offered by Minnesota community education.

The campaign is focused on stories that exemplify the key themes of impact, partnership and belonging as described below:

  • IMPACT – Demonstrate the powerful impact that community education programs and people have on children, families and adults every day throughout the state and in local communities
  • PARTNERSHIP – Demonstrate how community education programs and people partner with K-12 programs and people and other community organizations to meet the needs of children, families and adults
  • BELONGING – Demonstrate how community education programs and people create opportunities for children, families and adults to belong and stay connected by igniting, reigniting and fueling people’s passions

In order to demonstrate the breadth of services and programs available through community education, we are looking for impact stories, quotes and testimonials that represent the full spectrum of community education participants. While the story submission form will remain open for the next 12-18 months, we need stories NOW that we can use in news stories, social media campaigns and other marketing communications.

We are asking all community education programs to submit at least one story by June 15. Have more to share? Awesome! We just ask that you only include one testimonial per form. Feel free to go back and complete the form again at any time.