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Is Everyone Really Equal? An Introduction to Key Concepts in Social Justice Education
by Sensoy and DiAngelo

Why Are all the Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria and Other Conversations About Race
by Beverly Daniel Tatum

Courageous Conversations About Race: A Field Guide for Achieving Equity in Schools
by Glenn Singleton

Teaching with Poverty in Mind: What Being Poor Does to Kids’ Brains and What Schools Can Do about It
by Eric Jensen

Gaining on the Gap: Changing Hearts, Minds and Practice
by Robert G. Smith, et al. (Chapter 7 – Facilitating Conversations on Race)

Cultural Proficiency – A Manual for School Leaders
by Randall B. Lindsey, Kikanza Nuri Robins & Raymond D. Terrell

‘Debunking the Middle-class Myth. Why Diverse Schools are good for All Kids’
by Eileen Gale Kugler

Reaching and Teaching Students in Poverty
by Paul C. Gorski


Intercultural Competence


Empowering Educators Through Cultural Competance

Majority of US Public Schools Are in Poverty

Project Implicit

Why Are Schools So Segragated