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Become a Member

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A Message from our President

MCEA stands as the backbone of an intricate network that includes over 1300 members, volunteers and professional staff achieving the goals and objectives set forth by an ambitious and forward-thinking Board of Directors.  Together, our membership make up the solid foundation upon which the MCEA association continues to thrive and grow.
To our members, you are the heart of the association and we hope to support and serve you throughout your careers. Please take advantage of our many resources, and reach out to membership, professional staff or our board of directors for clarity.

Our 2018 goals include improving member engagement, communication and marketing and MCEA succession planning.  Our first goal is to increase statewide district member engagement in MCEA. As an association, it is important that we hear the multiple membership voices across regions.  We are continually seeking involvement in our committee structures which include, Marketing and Program Development; Professional Development and Member Services; and RALLI (Legislative).  Realizing that your time and talents are a precious commodity, we are now offering Go To Meetings in the comfort of your office.  Your voice and choice is valuable as we continue to meet the needs and interests of our membership.

Our second goal is to develop and implement a Community Education marketing campaign that promotes Community Education. This member resource may include various templates, logos and collateral materials to be used in individual districts.  Watch for the soft launch at the MCEA Fall Conference on Oct. 3 – 5 in Rochester.

Our last goal is to develop a plan for MCEA board, committee and staff structures that ensures relevance to our field and sustainability of our organization. This planning will help to provide clarity and reduce our risk associated with the loss of experienced leadership.

To learn more about MCEA’s 2018 goals, visit our website or contact your regional Board of Director.

On behalf of the MCEA Board of Directors, thank you for your dedication and passion to Community Education.

Lynn Jenc
2018 MCEA President
Alexandria Pubic Schools
Community Education Director