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A Message from our President

For many years I have looked around at the people I see at conferences, trainings, and meetings. I see the commitment to helping our students learn and our communities grow. I see people asking the hard questions and stepping up to help work on the answers. I see people connecting and helping each other. And it gives me hope! Hope for our students, for our communities, and for MCEA.

We are in a time when our world and often our work is changing rapidly. Our Board of Directors has often talked about this. It has become a focal point of the goals we set and the work we try to do. I encourage you to look at the goals, see if any are ones you would like to get involved with, and let us know. If you have questions, contact your regional representative or me. We will all try to answer them for you.

I invite you to participate, to become involved. I invite you to attend a Board meeting if that is of interest to you. Guests are always welcome.

I am looking forward to a great year. I hope yours is as well.

Dave Maurer,
2017 MCEA President