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_____________________SECTION 1: GENERAL INFORMATION______________________

Position Title:  Youth Development Coordinator

Department/Building: Community Education/Forestview Middle School

Reports to: Director of Community Education

Position Duty Days/Contract: 40 hours per week, 48 weeks per year, varied schedule, possible evenings and weekends

Salary Range: $38,400-42,240 depending on experience


_______________________SECTION II: JOB GOAL/SUMMARY______________________

The primary goal of this position to develop, coordinate, supervise and evaluate a comprehensive district-wide youth enrichment, recreation and development program.



●     Bachelor’s Degree in Youth Development, Recreation, Education or closely related field

●     Demonstrated experience determining unmet community needs and interests and creating responsive programs to meet those needs and interests

●     Excellent human relations skills and experience working with diverse youth and families

●     Experience collaborating with outside agencies

●     Creativity and passion for maximizing the impact of out of school time programs during the school year and summer for positive youth development

●     Ability to work flexible hours as needed to meet program needs

●     Knowledge of best practice and quality standards in youth programs

●     Ability to develop and manage a program budget

●     Possession of or ability to obtain CPR/First Aid/AED certification

●     Excellent written, oral and interpersonal communication skills with people of all ages

●     Must possess strong computer skills

●     Valid driver’s license and reliable access to a vehicle to travel between program sites, school buildings and community locations


_________________SECTION IV: DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES____________________

●     Develop and oversee programs for middle and high school students outside the school day focused on: mentorship, service, leadership and college/career exploration.

●     Develop and oversee out of school time enrichment programs for elementary school students that are based on the interests and needs of students and families.

●     Through collaboration with the district’s Special Education department and parents, develop out of school time enrichment opportunities that are customized for students with disabilities and ensure that reasonable accommodations are made available for these students to participate in mainstream activities as well.

●     Recruit, hire, train, supervise and evaluate program staff in accordance with department and district policies and procedures.

●     Plan and implement new programs through needs assessment, networking and collaboration.

●     Attend and participate in professional conferences to stay current with best practice in the field.

●     Attend and participate in professional opportunities offered throughout the district for staff.

●     Hold membership in 1-2 relevant professional organizations (i.e. MNAEYC, MCEA, MNAFFEE).

●     Facilitate outreach efforts for youth programs.

●     Maintain a fee structure that reflects the value of the programs and maximizes program access for all students. This may include the procurement of grant funding as needed.

●     Develop yearly personal and program goals in coordination with the Director of Community Education.

●     Prepare and recommend annual budgets with the Director of Community Education.

●     Other duties as assigned by the Director of Community Education.


Work Environment:

Employees in this position will be required to work primarily indoors, usually at a desk using a computer, in an office setting. Employee will come in direct contact with students, families and school district staff via telephone, electronic communication including social media and in person. While the majority of time will be spent on administrative tasks, there may be periods when the employee provides direct service to youth.

Revised 6/2017

Contact Name: Cori Reynolds, 218-454-6904,



July 5th, 2017

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