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TITLE:     Community Education School Age Care Coordinator

Apply here (The applicant will need to provide a letter of interest, resume and three reference letters)

CLASSIFICATION:   Community Education Services Full-time


1.      A bachelor’s degree in education, Recreation, Special Education, Psychology, Social Work, School Counselor or related field

2.      Minimum of three years of experience working in an educational or child care setting in a leadership role with inclusion practices.

3.      Education and /or demonstrated understanding in the areas of child development, behavior management, and special needs.

4.      Knowledge of the community education concept.

5.      Excellent communication, organization, collaboration and problem-solving skills.

6.        Knowledge of best practices and quality standards in school age care programs.

7.             Excellent planning and management skills such as programming, supervision, ordering and evaluation.

8.      Ability to cooperatively work with outside agencies in setting up appropriate programs.

9.      Proficient with technology.

10.      Ability to work flexible hours as needed.

REPORTS TO:  Director of Community Education

JOB GOAL:   Support the Kids Club program by assisting in the planning, implementation, supervision and ongoing evaluation of quality school age care program and developmentally appropriate inclusion processes  to also support students with special needs (IEP, 504,etc)


1.         Administer the program-wide hiring process, including recruiting, interviewing, hiring staff and inclusion process

2.         Coordinate district–wide staff development opportunities and maintain records of training for all school age care staff.

3.         Coordinate an implement appropriate activities related to the successful operation of the district’s school age child care program.

4.         Support and mentor Lead Supervisors and their staff in accommodations, support, and behavior management.  Coordinate communication with school teams regarding students with special needs.

5.         Provide training and informational materials for new staff.

6.         Recommend for approval payroll vouchers for the program staff, purchase orders for supplies and set up contracts with independent contractors.

7.         Prepare and monitor annual budgets for programs assigned to the coordinator.

8.         Provide periodic reports on numbers participating, financial analysis of the school age care program, and program effectiveness to the Community Education Director.

9.         Provide appropriate information for parents and community advisory groups to discuss program content and program effectiveness.

10.       Maintain and disseminate information and resources that advance best practices relating to school age care programming and operations.

11.       Implement policies and procedures and assist in the development and administration of improvement plans that are consistent with program goals.

12.       Advise Lead Superiors and problem-solve student behavior and staff supervision issues.

13.       Create inclusion plans that meet student needs, align with best practice and meet legal requirements.

14.       Create and update individual assessments or accommodation plans for students identified with inclusion needs using data gathered from a variety of resource (including parents, teachers, IEPs or 504 plans, and outside providers)

15.       Facilitate non-school day staffing for students with inclusion needs for students enrolled.

16.       Facilitate meetings with parents and school staff to gather relevant information and collaborate, plan, and problem-solve.

17.       Perform other services as directed by the Community Education Director.

TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT:  Salary and work year to be established by the Board of Education.

EVALUATION:    Performance of this job will be evaluated annually in accordance with the provisions of the Board’s policy on evaluation of personnel.





























August 28th, 2018

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