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Project Kids Staff

We need supervisors, one to one supervisors and associates

Job Id: 4327,4328, 4329 and 4653

Project KIDS provides a high-quality before and after school program in a fun, educational and recreational environment for children, kindergarten through grade 5.
Research show that quality before and after-school programs keep kids safe, help working families and improve school attendance and academic achievement.
Our curriculum is based on the needs and interests of the children at each site. Kids have opportunities to provide input into what types of projects and activities are available and the physical make-up of the environment. Allowing children to participate this way follows best practice, helps to develop independence while fostering community and keeps kids engaged and interested in what is happening in their environment.
Caring and educated staff members provide fun, consistent, nurturing environments and access to caring adults who provide the support children need to succeed. Whether it is through conversation, homework help or guidance, our goal is to ensure the success of children in our communities by establishing positive relationships, providing educational and recreational activities and offering opportunities for kids to share ideas and feel valued.

If interested, please contact Stacey Konopa at 952-707-3008

October 1st, 2018

Posted In: Career Opportunities