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Director of Community Education and Engagement                    JobID: 3968

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Position Type:
Administration/Director of Community Education

Date Posted:

Eisenhower Community Center

Date Available:
June/July 2019

Closing Date: 

 Job Summary:

Plan and direct, with community input, programs and services under area of responsibility, including: early childhood programs, youth programs, family involvement, youth chemical and mental health, interpreter/translation program, adult basic education, adult learning, community engagement, and community use of facilities; through partnerships and collaborative efforts, ensure programs and services maximize the use and effectiveness of program elements, facilities, and personnel for the benefit of all learners in the school district community.

Essential Duties/Responsibilities:

Develop and maintain processes, structures, and programs for Community Education Department that meet the unique needs and reflect the demographics of the community.      Direct and seek high quality academic, instructional, and enrichment programs for all learners in Community Education which include Community Education classes and activities for all age groups from birth through seniors, special programs for adults with disabilities, K-12 support services and activities, adult literacy and early childhood education.
Develop and maintain effective structures to garner community input into programs and services provided by Community Education.
Develop and maintain an effective Strategic Planning process for the Community Education Department.
Plan, develop, and administer programs and services designed to engage community members and meet the identified needs of all learners of the community, early learners through senior citizens.
Establish and maintain a process that enhances collaborative efforts between county, cities, and other agencies within the school district to better serve all learners.
Facilitate community partnerships focused on enhanced learning and overall engagement.
Lead district’s education referendum campaigns.
Facilitate and support extended day and extended year learning opportunities for PreK-12 learners.
Keep the Superintendent and the Board of Education informed on potential of expanded programs and services based on the community input process.
Provide Administrative leadership in supporting the District’s strategic plans, District goals, and objectives through improved alignment of District and community services.
Increase the authenticity and frequency of engagement between Hopkins Public Schools and its key stakeholder populations including Somali, Hmong, Spanish-Speaking, and African-American.
Personnel management.
Provide leadership and supervision of all administrators and staff members within Community Education.
Recruit, supervise, and evaluate leadership staff in the Community Education Department.
Establish salaries and Terms and Conditions of Employment for Community Education staff.
Monitor budgets and promote optimum use of school facilities.
Prepare and monitor budgets within span of control.
Develop and maintain budgets in all program areas that are in compliance with state and federal law, reflect sound fiscal practice and are reviewed on a regular basis.
Promote and schedule the optimum use of school facilities to meet district and community needs.
Other duties as assigned.
Other responsibilities as may be assigned by the Superintendent.

Knowledge:      Understand, support, and can articulate the concepts inherent in Community Education.
Knowledge of programs and services provided by other partners in the community.
Knowledge in budget development and management.
Knowledge and understanding of equitable best practices and general core competencies in the field of Community Education as they relate to the local community and beyond. Ability to articulate and communicate the same.

Skills:      Demonstrate organizational skills.
Ability to collaborate with students, staff, families and partners to provide services that support the needs of the community.
Skilled in problem analysis, data collection and problem solving
Adept at forming relationships, partnerships, and collaborative arrangements with disparate and diverse stakeholder groups
Creating and leading the organizational mission and vision.
Resourcefulness, taking the resources of the organization into consideration and getting things done for less.
Working constructively with others.
Managing constituencies effectively.

Abilities:      Demonstrate ability in supervising and managing people including delegation and building effective teams.
Demonstrate ability in managing budgets.
Demonstrate leadership in Community Education or a related field.
Demonstrate ability in integrating the concept of Community Education into the basic philosophy of a school district.
Demonstrates excellent leadership abilities
Ability to write comprehensive reports and correspondence.
Ability to read, analyze and interpret written documents, including governmental regulations.
Ability to work effectively with persons representing a wide variety of cultural, ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds.


Currently holds or is eligible for an administrative license as Director of Community Education.
Minimum of 5 years experience as a Community Education Supervisor, Manager, Coordinator, or Director.
Application Procedures:

Apply online via Frontline Applicant Tracking.

January 10th, 2019

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