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Community Education Coordinator- Targeted Services

JobID : 4933

Position Type: Unaffiliated

Hours per day: 8 hours per day

Days per year: 261

Compensation/Benefits: Unaffiliated

If interested or have questions, please contact Tom Umhoefer at 952-707-4112

Summary: Provide the overall development, administration and coordination of the Community Education programs and services for all ages and District Targeted Services programs (PALS and BYC) through integrated and culturally inclusive programming in order to provide a comprehensive program of lifelong learning. Assist in managing the production of the Community Education seasonal brochures, related marketing activities and the related functions of the web-based registration software.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  •  Ensures use of best practices in enrichment and Targeted programming for adults, youth and children
  •  Coordinate Community Education, GTI Summer Institute, BYC, PALS and Community Engagement events for the department.
  •  Recruit, monitor, conduct site visits and evaluate enrichment instructors
  • Create and develop courses and their descriptions
  • Organize rooms for events and assist with set up both on-site and off-site
  • Recommends program changes, goals and objectives
  • Keep updated on changing developments, trends and educational technologies
  • Coordinate, oversee and provide program assistance for Community Education, BYC, and PALS.
  • Develop, evaluate and update program forms
  • Plan and facilitate meetings
  • Oversee and maintain online catalog and registration data base
  • Review and analyze data
  • Prepare program reports
  • Generate and monitor program budgets
  • Monitor grant proposal and manage funds
  • Evaluate classes and programs for effectiveness and participants satisfaction
  • Provide assistance to individuals, district staff and the community regarding programs, activities and services
  • Scheduling and point of contact for PALS transportation.
  • Manage and sign off on all PALS teacher timesheets.
  • Supervise BYC program coordinator.
  • Serve as a District representative for the BYC.
  • Develop and maintain relationships within the District, community and outside organizations
  • Market and promote enrichment activities and opportunities
  • Create and send correspondences on programs
  • Coordinate the collection of brochure contents from appropriate parties
  • Collaborate with publication designer on timeline, layout and design of brochure
  • Communicate with publishing/mailing house
  • Oversee the publication proofing process
  • Maintain websites and social media accounts
  • Coordinate internal and external advertising
  • Assist in brand development
  • Gather information from community partners and create e-news communications
  • Counsel and follow up on community concerns
  • Serve as a representative of the program

October 1st, 2018

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